We are pleased to announce the arrival of stunning new hard wearing ACRYLIC FINISHES. At present only gloss white is available but other will be added to the range.

Kevin said last week -”this is the most exciting finish I have seen in 39 years in the business…..”

A deep gloss finish…

This exciting new high gloss acrylic sheet surface is guaranteed to inject a memorable, lasting finish into a number of residential and commercial applications.

Pannello Decora’s high gloss finish belies its durable nature. This makes it ideal as a surface for kitchen cabinetry, office furniture and vertical commercial applications.

This flexibility means it could form part of an overall new kitchen design, or be a key surface component retro fitted into existing layouts. Its cost effective pricing means it is an ideal alternative for covering larger areas, within budget.

Wherever it is used, Pannello Decora instills a sense of style, with an ability to withstand the realities of modern living